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About Us

Graybridge Capital is an investment advisory and consulting firm with a mission to make systematic, evidence-based investment solutions more accessible and affordable. We leverage our deep understanding of financial markets and data science to help our clients more efficiently achieve their investment objectives. We offer our premier asset management services to individual investors of all financial backgrounds.

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What we do

Investment Management

We believe our take on the classic "risk parity" strategy should be at the foundation of every investor's investment process. Whether you have just begun your investment journey, or you are well into retirement, this approach attempts to strike the optimal balance between growth, income and capital preservation. Through adequately diversifying across all major asset classes, investment styles, and geographies, one can improve upon the overall risk and consistency of their investment portfolio  without sacrificing returns.

Hedging Solutions

As we transition from an economic environment that is primarily driven by economic growth to one that is driven by inflation, diversification has never been more paramount. We seek to help investors that have concentrated exposures to traditional assets such as stocks and bonds better manage their risk by providing them access to optimal mixes of alternative assets that have the potential to deliver an uncorrelated stream of returns and help protect from a drawdown in traditional investments.

Cryptocurrency Strategies

We are proud to be able to offer our clients exposure to a wide selection of quality cryptocurrencies through our factor-based strategy. We believe cryptocurrencies have established themselves as a legitimate asset class and there are attractive benefits to incorporating them into a portfolio. By applying our understanding of sound investment principles to this rapidly emerging asset class, we look forward to helping our clients navigate this novel investment opportunity.

Our Services

Asset Management

Our approach to investing is data-driven and grounded in rigorous research. We specialize in constructing dynamic and systematic investment portfolios diversified across all major asset classes, geographies, and investment styles that have the potential to generate competitive returns even in the most adverse economic conditions. We are also proud to partner with some of the lead innovators in the FinTech space to provide our clients with a seamless user-experience and deliver our service with no account minimums to ensure fair and affordable access to institutional-grade investment solutions.

Quantitative Research

Our research services are designed to provide clients with unique insights to navigating financial markets and to inform the sound development construction of investment strategies and portfolios. Through the use of the most recent and powerful data science tools, we seek to help clients identify the most prominent risks and opportunities in financial markets. Our research capabilities enable us to provide clients with actionable insights that can help them make informed investment decisions.

Financial Programming

Years of experience in programmatic finance enables us to develop software solutions to help investors streamline their investment processes. Our software solutions are designed to be hands-free and tailored to our clients specific needs. We seek to free up more in the lives of our clients by developing fully automated pipelines that abstract away as much of the investment process as possible. Whether you need software for risk management, portfolio optimization, or trading automation, we can deliver a robust and scalable solution that to help you more efficiently achieve your investment objectives.

The Process



Complete a brief onboarding process to create your investment account. We will collect information about your financial situation and investment objectives so that we can construct the optimal portfolio for you.



Connect your bank account to transfer funds into you investment account. Invest as little or as much as you want. There are no account minimums and our liquid portfolios can scale to handle large amounts of capital.



Give yourself a pat on the back because you just made a productive step on your financial journey. Now you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investments are well-positioned for the future of investing.

Our partners

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